3 in 1 Smart Starry Sky Projector
3 in 1 Smart Starry Sky Projector
3 in 1 Smart Starry Sky Projector
3 in 1 Smart Starry Sky Projector
3 in 1 Smart Starry Sky Projector
3 in 1 Smart Starry Sky Projector
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3 in 1 Smart Starry Sky Projector

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We have the perfect gift for your kids, this 3-in-1 Smart Starry Sky Projector allows you to create a night sky filled with stars and constellations. Simply place it on a flat surface and plug it into the wall. The projector creates an array of bright colors that will dazzle your little one's eyes while they drift off to sleep. It also comes with an ocean wave light and music control mode, so you can keep your child entertained without electronics!


  • The Smart Starry Sky Projector is powered by a DC 5V power source and uses LED bulbs as its light source with a maximum output of 0-5W.  The LED bulbs are also energy efficient so they won't use up too much battery power.
  • With the touch of a button, you can choose from three different lighting modes: alarm clock, music control mode, and voice control mode. It also has an ABS body material and comes with a Lithium-Ion battery type.
  • The Smart Starry Sky Projector is a 3in1 projectable light lamp: it can project a starry sky, ocean waves, or nebula cloud onto the ceiling. This smart starry sky projector has 8 stars and 5 LEDs which can be used to create unique patterns


Wattage: 0-5W
Voltage: 5V
Power Source: DC
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Body Material: ABS
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shyann Pfeffer

Received item in good condition. Good quality product. Tested and it works perfectly. I am sure mybl grandchildren will love this new addition for their room

Timothy Collins

Set up was incredibly easy, all we had to do was plug it in and turn it on, and then I was able to sync it into the app and control the features.

Marlene Boyle

Ok I love the DIY setting through the app, I was disappointed at first in seeing that the dimmest setting is still pretty bright, but if you make your own setting you can set all the colors incredibly low so that they're comfortably dim. Red, like my old projector, is still the dimmest so I used only that for sleep. Even blue or green on %1 saturation was unfortunately kinda bright, but maybe I'm sensitive.

Reed Daniel

it's very pretty and realistic looking (minus the laser green stars, still pretty, just unrealistic lol) and it makes for a very comfortable and calming sensory space. I would recommend it for people who are autistic/ have ADHD and enjoy visual sensory input.

Weston Kuhlman

At about 8 to 9 inches this lamp is great. It has 3 main colors to choose from: red, green, blue or just have them all on. I personally like the blue and red with lowest green star laser setting to mimic the night sky or space. For the price you won't be disappointed either way. The only thing I would love to change is the ability to adjust the laser stars to blue or white. but all in all I'm happy