Cool Cosmic Cubes Light
Cool Cosmic Cubes Light
Cool Cosmic Cubes Light
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Cool Cosmic Cubes Light

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The Cool Cosmic Cube Light is a 6cm RGB lamp that can be used as a night light beside your desk or kids' bed. This is a great way to add a little color and fun to your space. They feature six different colors and are powered by three AAA batteries that work for up to 20 hours. It is perfect for kids who need a little more light in their room at night, and will help them sleep better so they can be ready for school in the morning!


  • This LED light is also suitable for kids who like to play with the fun light at night. The low wattage of 0-5W makes it energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • With its low wattage and long service life of 600 hours, this LED light is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities and it also has an easy-to-use power switch controlled by a convenient toggle switch.
  • The LED light is bright enough to keep the room illuminated but low enough not to disturb sleep. It’s perfect for your desk or nightstand, or any other place where you need a little extra ambiance.


Wattage: 0-5W
Power Source: Dry Battery
Body Material: PVC

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Customer Reviews

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Matt Stehr

I use this as a night light for my baby. It has 13 colour options and different colour changing modes. The remote is very handy and I can use it from a couple of feets away as long as there is nothing blocking it.
The cube is pretty light and the material is not hard at all (I doubt a child would get hurt with it)

Reinhold Lind

I use it exclusively as a bath night light, but can imagine all sorts of mood-lighting applications. Subtle distinctions in color hue are not as apparent as they of course might be on a computer monitor or more expensive smart bulb, but no one should expect that for the price. The red is so pretty I rarely even change the color.

Eleanora Pagac

Beautiful and vibrant colors!!!! And the remote is totally reliable. The charged batteries lasts a very long time so you can use them without the need to plug them into a socket. Can be used as a meditation and concentration device. I am ordering two more!

Deon Pfeffer

My near-two toddler is very interested in remotes and learning colors, and this product combines both of those interests. She totally "gets" the remote (and the power/mode button on the bottom of the cube). She likes calling out a color (or getting a request), and then hitting the correct button. She also learned to say, "blinking". My only criticism is that the remote is relatively weak; you have to really point it at the cube, from pretty close range, which is sometimes confusing for her.

Braden Wehner

I gave these as "Dirty Santa" gifts. They were the most stolen gifts! I was very impressed with the quality and the functions of this cube o' light. Perfect for nursery, child's room or adults - mood lighting, night light - party - whatever!!