UFO Designed Folding Bulb
UFO Designed Folding Bulb
UFO Designed Folding Bulb
UFO Designed Folding Bulb
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UFO Designed Folding Bulb

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Our UFO Designed Folding Bulb is a compact and inexpensive alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs. It is an energy-saving light bulb with high brightness. This lamp can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, and other places with its great illumination capabilities. Plus, this led folding bulb has an adjustable angle and you can fold it into different shapes to make it more convenient when using it.


  • This is made from PP and the bulb will help reduce your lighting bill by 90%. You'll also be able to save over 50,000 hours of service lifetime by switching to the environmentally friendly LED light bulb.
  • It features a light temperature of 6500K and an E27 base, it's easy to replace your old bulbs without having to worry about compatibility.
  • For its size, it produces a high luminous flux of 6500K color temperature, which makes it suitable for home lighting. This eco-friendly bulb contains no toxicity, no mercury, and no UV or infrared. The smooth white light provides the most comfortable and eye-saving environment for your eyes.  


Material: PP & ABS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sarai Sauer

I gave it a good review, because I like the specifications and the value. If you need to blind someone, or see every area within line of sight of the light bulb, this is the one to get.

Yvette Breitenberg

When browsing I came across this one and saw how good the price was and had to try it... I am very pleased with my purchase and I will definitely buy more of them... Try it you won't be disappointed..!!

Irving Rau

I have become a big fan of corn row LED lights for use in the workshop/garage space. I have some much larger (300 watt equivalent) units for in part of my garage where there are only two sockets. The back of my garage has six sockets and I was running out of old incandescents to fill them, so I picked up three of these and they work great. Nice a bright, instantly on (even in the winter) compared to a CFL that will eventually die and be replaced. No complaints here!

Rocky Schulist

Unpackaged and installed in minutes. Instantly improved the lighting in my garage. Will look to order more and install in my basement at a later time.

Marquise Mueller

Super bright! We actually have to double check doors are closed. Because how bright it is, seems like doors are open.

I like this one. But I did find one that rotates more so I can angle more to different spots. I liked that better. But this one was able to move some and worked from be in the spoti needed it to.