220V Energy-Saving Bulb
220V Energy-Saving Bulb
220V Energy-Saving Bulb
220V Energy-Saving Bulb
220V Energy-Saving Bulb
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220V Energy-Saving Bulb

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The 220V Energy-Saving Bulb is a household light bulb, just like any other, except it uses about 85% less energy when compared to standard incandescent bulbs. It's so bright that it can be used as a household light, or for security purposes, especially in poorly lit areas. The 220V Energy-Saving Bulb uses only minimal watts of energy and has a simple and easy installation process.


  • This energy-saving bulb is specifically designed for indoor lighting, and as such, has a lamp holder of E27 household screw. It provides 6500K white light with 2835 highlight chip.
  • The lamp holder is made of aluminum and PP materials and will last for many years to come. And provides a long-lasting and low-energy LED bulb that is perfect for home, office, or factory use.
  • This is the perfect bulb for anyone who wants to save energy while still getting an amazing light. With 8 options of watt from 5W to 65W, you can find the right light for your needs.


Voltage: 220V
Material: Aluminum & PP
Applicable Voltage: 220V

Customer Reviews

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Junius Greenfelder

I had waited to purchase LED bulbs because of the price. When I saw these , I decided to give them a shot. I installed these in a bathroom fixture with four bulbs months ago. So far, we have had no issues. They are still going strong with almost constant use by two teenagers who "forget" to turn off the lights. The lighting they produce is very natural and excellent for applying makeup, etc.

Caden Effertz

I finally found led bulbs that aren't that cold, bright white!!! My husband's office looked like it was in an actual office with harsh fluorescent lighting before I finally found these. We lived then so much we switched out all of our lights outside in the front of our home. It looks so much classier this way. The price was great. The lighting looks great. Couldn't be happier.

Willie Rempel

Brightness is very good - have them in a multi-necked lamp at my desk/worktable and do not need to have the light shining directly on my work in order which can involve small beads and findings.

Would definitely purchase again.

Robin Frami

I've now been using this product throughout my house for just over many months now. Monthly electric bill reduced by slightly more than 1/3. very happy with it highly recommend

Oswaldo Schamberger

very good price. Amazing 🤩😁 LED Daylight Bulb I am so Amazed of How much it Gives my Room Bright 🌞😎 Light Compared To Low Brightness Regular Bulb