Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp
Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp
Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp
Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp
Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp
Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp
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Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp

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This elegant and contemporary acrylic table lamp is a beautiful addition to your home or office. The Diamond-Like Table Lamp features an acrylic base and a beveled glass design that will complement any decor. It is a gorgeous decoration for your nightstand or desk, or even for your bedroom. This Acrylic Diamond-Like Table Lamp will not only look great in your home but also provides soft and warm light to help you sleep at night.


  • It is energy efficient, producing light that is equivalent to 5 watts, with a power source of DC and LED bulbs. The 5v power source and LED bulbs make this lamp ideal for those who want to add a bright touch of white light to their desk or nightstand.
  • The AC USB adapter powers the lamp so you can use it anywhere. A plug-in cord makes it easy to charge your device as well.
  • The LED light provides soft light for reading or working on the computer. The power button is located at the base of the lamp and allows you to easily turn it on and off with one hand.


Wattage: 5v
Power Source: DC
Light Source: LED Bulbs

Customer Reviews

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Verner Adams

Again, one of the few who understands about service, packaging and product as they've done an outstanding job here of creating this small, efficient, led operated light. PERFECT for bathroom, office at nite and changes color and is NICELY made. GOOD JOB ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!

Kaitlyn Goodwin

The first time was used work well, and we are satisfied.thank you for the shop for fast shipping nothing was damaged too

Selmer Brown

Great atmospheric table lamp; perfect for a round table, making a radially symmetrical pattern of light. Recommend for everyone

Dashawn Harvey

Appearance is very delicate and customer service to answer your questions the very nice and prompt. thank you will buy again

Loyal Hermiston

I like the light pattern. Good lamp to put on the dining table to create a romantic atmosphere. i recommend them super