Bluetooth RGB Corner Floor Lamp
Bluetooth RGB Corner Floor Lamp
Bluetooth RGB Corner Floor Lamp
Bluetooth RGB Corner Floor Lamp
Bluetooth RGB Corner Floor Lamp
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Bluetooth RGB Corner Floor Lamp

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The Bluetooth RGB Corner Floor Lamp is a 150cm LED floor lamp that delivers a soft, ambient light. The lamp uses Bluetooth that connects with your phone or tablet, so you can control the color and brightness of your lights from anywhere in your home. It also helps you save energy by turning off the light when it's not needed. The lamp also comes with remote control, so you can manually change colors and brightness on command. In addition, the unique design and easy operation make this floor lamp suitable for both kids and adults.


  • This sleek and modern lamp features a remote control that allows you to customize the lighting in your space with 16 different colors and 4 brightness levels.
  • It has a 51-60W power source, remote control switch, and LED bulbs that light up the space with a soft glow. The LED bulbs are also energy efficient and can last up to 50,000 hours!
  • The sleek aluminum alloy and ABS body fits easily into any corner and gives your room a modern look. Making this lamp versatile enough to be used in a variety of rooms.


Wattage: 51-60W
Switch Type: Remote Control
Power Source: DC
Model Number: Floor Lamps
Lighting Area: 10-15square meters
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy & ABS

Customer Reviews

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Hobart Boehm

This is a great style light, if you are tight on space, or just like the room to feel more open. This is a genius style, It gives you a long/ tall light, and takes up almost no space. It fits nicely in the corner, with the two feet stand on the bottom. It also uses tiny "headless" type screws that hide well.

Eleazar Casper

The whole lamp is light weight, so easy to move. You get an attached control, a remote and can also control in app. You can adjust colors, times and even connect it to music. The in app set up is just as easy as well. I love these type of lights, i have many in my home, but this is the first stand/ design like this and it is great.

Jamil Schuppe

A really fun way to instantly create a unique vibe in any room. I do a lot of work late at night and these colors help me get focused on my work while also acting easier on my eyes than a standard light would. I love that this light is able to remain out of the way in the corner, and it’s really awesome to see just how many color combinations there are. There is truly a color for every occasion. The included remote is very responsive and does an excellent job helping with controlling the floor lamp.

Rhett Schoen

I use this floor lamp over 1month its pretty cool floor lamp. I love this lamp.
First, east to assemble, just within 10min. don't need any tools.
Also the right is very bright and many different color. After i use this floor lamp at my living room, I can change every day my living's mood.
Someone looking for floor lamp, Highly recommend.

Lambert Pollich

I was really happy with this lamp. It’s easy to put together, bright and compact. An added feature is the fun you can have. It has solid and different colors, solid and moving, and it goes to the beat of music or any noise around you. Thinking about getting another to put in my front hallway. Highly recommend