Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED
Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED
Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED
Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED
Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED
Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED
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Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED

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This Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED is a simple, yet powerful night light that can make any toilet seat feel like a luxurious spa. This innovative toilet bowl light is the perfect way to brighten up your bathroom at night and transform it into a relaxing space. With a sleek design and automatic led motion sensor, this motion sensor toilet seat light will automatically turn on with motion.


  • The seven-color gradient mode will gradually change colors from one color to another in a certain order--from red to blue, then to green, and so on. You can also use this motion sensor toilet seat as a nightlight by putting in 3 AAA batteries into the battery compartment and switching it on at night.
  • The Motion Sensor Toilet Seat LED is a perfect bathroom gadget for your modern home. The LED will also automatically turn on when you enter the room so it's always ready for use.
  • This toilet seat is easy to install and does not require much space. It is made from durable PC material that is water resistant. 


Material: PC

Voltage: 4.5 Volts

Power: 0.1 Watt

Battery: 3 AAA batteries (Batteries not included)

Net Weight: 0.04kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Salvador Armstrong

Living in a house with 5 males (my husband and 4 sons) I wish I had known about this toilet night light years ago. It is an absolute MUST for that sleepy male who doesn't turn on the light at night when he uses the bathroom. The light comes on as soon as the door is opened, or when anyone approaches from about 8 feet. It gives the guys a perfect "target". You can set the light to match your bathroom or to rotate colors. I have one in every bathroom now!!

Nya Hackett

Freaked out the plumber. :)
I bought these in place of nightlights for our bathrooms. They work great but do take some getting used to.
The kids hated the red light, but they figured out how to make the thing stay on blue. Fun and functional.

Violette Hand

I got this thinking it was some kind of gimmick, a joke.
But these are great. Both bathrooms have the lights. Light on toilet, located on the far left or right side . Takes AAA batteries.. motion sensor so light comes on when you walk in room. Main light probably could stay off depending on size of the bathroom.

Daniela Wunsch

This product actually works really well. It was bought for my husband as a gag gift from our 13 year old son.Whelp, one of the settings is red and that red light has scared the literal piss out of most of my family. Imagine you stumble in to use the bathroom at night, look down, and see nothing but red. Omg I’m bleeding!!! Wait nope the light is on red again. So anyway lots of fun until it is on red.

Lowell Kutch

I like the blue and green colors the best but it all depends on your mood. The motion sensor works great and works every time. One time I walked in and thought it was not working but duh...I had the lid down so how could I see the light? For anyone who doesn't want to disturb family members with a bright light at night this is great.