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chez lumiere

Multifunctional Full Spectrum Lamp

$35.99 USD

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Want to grow a lush, green garden in your home? Our Multifunctional Full Spectrum Lamp is the perfect tool for your indoor gardening needs. This multifunctional light delivers the perfect amount of light to help your plants thrive, while also providing an amazing soft glow that will make any room feel like home. It also helps to create the ideal conditions for plant growth which makes it perfect for seedlings, flowers, or even indoor potted plants. 


  • It combines the benefits of both a plant growth lamp and an LED ring light in one! With the help of this lamp, you can start growing your indoor plants or seedlings and increase their potential for growth.
  • The Multifunctional Full Spectrum Lamp is a plant growth lamp with a built-in, rechargeable USB cord that works as a light source and an energy-saving grow light for indoor plants.
  • The LED plant growth lamp provides up to 100% more light than regular fluorescent lamps and will help your plants grow faster and healthier. The ring light provides an ideal environment for growing seeds in soil or hydroponics and will help them sprout with ease.



Material: ABS & Acrylic

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Multifunctional Full Spectrum Lamp

Multifunctional Full Spectrum Lamp

$35.99 USD

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